Our first day

Our day started at 4 pm as we slept in late. We went out into a sunny but windy day to explore our surroundings and stock up on some necessities. We only walked a minute when we saw the bay sparkling in the sun and gasped (well, I did. And squeaked. And hopped up and down). Our house is on the top of a pretty steep hill so the walk down is rather merry while the walk up requires much huffing and puffing.

We found Wellington charming – the street are narrow, there are no highrises, at least not that we have seen, the buildings are small and cute and the air is amazingly clean. The people looked relaxed and happy. Oh, and they are super nice! While we were trying to find our way around, people would stop and ask us if we needed any help finding our way! And if you catch someone’s eye, they smile at you!

We took a stroll around the main downtown street, Cuba street, had lunch and saw the bay. It was just as beautiful as imagined it would be!We walked by some pubs and bars which could be recognized by a steady dim of voices and clicking of glasses.

New World supermarket

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