Farmer’s market

We were told by several people that the besе places to buy fruit and vegetables in New Zealand were farmer’s markets. The produce is supposed to come directly from growers and is therefore fresh and cheaper than in supermarkets. Yeah, some things in supermarkets are more expensive than in Russia (like two 1kg bags of rice for 5$, water, bread, fizzy drinks).

The market was a 20-minute walk from our house so we walked down our hill at a leisurely pace, adjusting our hoods against light drizzle and smelling the fresh humid air. The market was lovely and well organized – you took a bag, put whatever you want in and then go to a seller to weight it. We bought some nice greens like spinach and kale and pak choi and some other fruit and veg.

We would have been fine if we went home, but then we remembered we wanted to buy some mussels which we saw at a supermarket priced at just 2$ per kg. So we walked there, and of course we did not stop at just mussels and ended up spending all our remaining cash (need to change some more) and then panting up the hill with super heavy backpacks and additional bags. But the mussels were so worth the trip – they were so fragrant and juice and big that we didnt even take a picture of cooked mussels as we devoured them instantly

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