Our first week

So far it seems that all we do is shop and eat. The thing is that when we moved into our rental place, it was almost bare, so we had to buy everything from salt to toilet paper and tea, and since we don`t have a car and the nearest supermarket is about 30 minutes away, we had to make several shopping trips – and as it is we spent several uncomfortable spell of dragging ourselves with heavy backpacks up our hill. We also needed a bunch of housewares – towels, a table lamp, some cleaning supplies, some warm house clothes (One time Mike heard my grandma saying that for her birthday she wanted a “house suit”. He was very intrigued with this notion of a house suit which to him seemed something only Russians would do. Basically it’s a set of a t-shirt and some sort of leggins/pants that you change into when you come home – for women, and for men – shorts or sweatpants with a t-shirt or a vest top. So now he wanted a house suit of his own). I also needed a hat, since the sun here is really strong and the ozone layer is, apparently, thin – my scalp is already lovely pink colour,and we put sunscreen on with SPF 50 every time we leave the house.

So once again we put on our backpacks and headed for thrift stores (or charity shops) where a lot of people recommended we start off.

Not much luck with housewares, and Mike had to prise my hands off clothes racks where I spotted some designer clothes, than gently herd me away from book shelves (Books in English! Only 1 dollar! OMG, I just read that one! Oh, I want this one!). With a firm promise that I can return soon, preferably alone, Mike guided me outside and on our way to a supermarket Moore Wilson, where we were said one could by the best meat and seafood.

Now, the meat is quite expensive here – twice as expensive as in Russia, in fact. We bought half a kilo of beef priced at 10 NZ dollars (250 rubles), chicken is a bit cheaper, and the only thing cheaper is seafood – at least mussels and squid/octopus. We are not that familiar with squid, other than deep-fried calamari rings, so for now we settled for some fresh mussels. And Mike found a whole stand of hot sauces so he was quite happy with that

On our way home we stopped at a department store and finally got our lamps and Mike’s house suite. At home we scrubbed the mussels together and steamed them. The orange ones are girls and the white ones are boys!

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