No pictures today as I’m down with a cold. Mike had his at the beginning of the week and now I`ve succumbed as well. So yesterday while I was still ok I went out by myself for the first time. Mike gave me detailed direction and supplied me with a map and even though I generally knew where to go, there is an intersection that confused me both on the way there and on the way back. (On the way back I asked a passer-by girl if I was going in the right direction and she actually walked with me some of the way to show me).

I went out to a Couchsurfing meeting in a bar called Hotel Bristol. For a Wednesday night the bar was rather crowded and lively, and had a 5$ tap beer offer (hence the crowds). The meeting was fun and I met some lovely people, but around 10 I had to head home as I was worried about finding my way back and walking up the hill.

And today it was Mike’s turn to go out – he had International Student orientation at his uni, and I was going to tag along but had to stay home and gurgle salt water and rinse my nose. But Mike was super sweet to come home during his lunch break and bring me a sandwich that were served free at the uni and just check on me.

So the whole day I`ve been camped out in the living room, alternating between watching The Closer on my laptop and watching TV (so nice to have English language TV!) There are 3 free channels, you can get more if you buy a Freeview box. The programing is a mixture of English, American and New Zealand shows, the latter including lots of documentaries.

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