Mike’s university

Today we went to Mike’s university – well, he went and I tagged along as I was curious to see how everything was. Mike needed to sort out his student ID etc and do some other stuff.

But first, we went to the university bookshop. Now, I love my Kindle dearly, and you can`t deny its convenience – hundreds of books on a tiny device that fits in your hand bag instead of half a suitcase of books that I used to lag around. Books, that you can buy from the same device. But still… When I was in that book shop, full of books in English, books that I could touch, and leaf through… That was just great! And Mike had a hard time getting me out of there as I kept hiding in corners and reading books.

We then went around several buildings as Mike sorted out his ID and insurance

And explored the university library

The view from the library

Kiwi style! (we read on numerous forums that New Zelanders, or Kiwis, favour a style where they wear flip-flops (which they call jandals) and shorts all year round, adding a jacket when it gets chilly.

Another cute Wellington street

We then went to a dinner for international students. We played an interesting Maori game involving bamboo sticks

And then had free pizza!

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