Our weekend

On Saturday we woke up to the sound of wind and rain beating against our window. We waited a while for the rain to abate and then set of for a walk around the Oriental Bay. It was really windy by the water but we still enjoyed watching the ducks and the people walking around

Our little neighbor

Our walk down to Aro Street

Our local fish and chips which we have yet to try

Our local liquor store – which embarrassingly enough is how I find my way home on the account of the shop being big and red and right where we turn onto our street

A vintage market in a bar

Silver fern –  the symbol of New Zealand

We did a bit of shopping at New World Supermarket where we found out that lamb is cheaper than all other meat

The walk up

I really like this house


Our shopping

Our dinner was amazing – juicy lamb chops, fresh potatoes and broccoli we picked up at a local farmer’s market with some crisp white wine

But it was our evening that was really interesting. We were just relaxing at home, drinking our wine when we heard a loud party going on a few houses down. So, in a feat of daring we decided to join the party! We walked over and there were loads of people hanging out outside the house and even more inside, so we found a small group of people, introduced ourselves and got talking. Pretty soon we were introduced to the owner and invited in. It felt surreal, like being in a music video, but so much fun!

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