A sunny Wednesday in Wellington

This morning (and last night) I was feeling a bit down – I was missing my family, Sharon the sausage dog – I would happily feed her all my earplugs were she to materialize in front of me, and my job. Yes, surprise, surprise, I am a workaholic and I am having withdrawal syndrome from not working 12 hours a day. So, to cheer me up, Mike brought me along when he went to uni to sort out some stuff and open a local bank account. This was one of the warmest days so far, so I was able to put on my new jeans and walk out in sandals and a t-shirt without a jacket. Truly amazing when you consider that it’s November 21 and snowing heavily back home (now, THAT, I don`t miss a single bit)

Mike at Victoria International desk

When we go to the bank, we were told to come back in half an hour so we went for a little walk. It being summer, there aren`t too many students around, but we still saw some lounging around in the sun, having lunch and generally enjoying the good weather. Right behind the bank we found a 19th century cemetery and took a walk around

The walk proved to be quite a good work-out too as we walked quite a way down the hill and then had to climb a bunch of stairs and walk up a steep path in a kind of forest.

We got back to the bank a bit late and a bit-red faced (me especially, because I was too impatient to follow a path and climbed up a side of a hill, grasping tree roots and small bushes and Mike still beat me up the hill)

When we got home, Mike went to his room to study, and I was wondering how I could go out and enjoy the sun without actually going anywhere. And then I had an idea! In our house we have a deck right under our windows on the second floor with two options – going up the stairs from the first floor or climbing out of a window. So that’s what I did – pushed the mattress from a spare room out through the window and then climbed out myself. I brought out a laptop, but it was too bright to see anything, so after calling my grandma on skype (she is the only one online at this time of day – early afternoon in Russia and everyone is at work or school) I gave up on the laptop, brought myself a cup of ice-cream and just enjoyed the sun and the view

Mike looking out of his study to find out what the commotion was. The commotion was caused by me running up and down the stairs setting up the camera to take a photo of me and then trying to make it up the stairs in time to be in the photo (the one above), and there were a couple of times I didnt make it so we have a few photos of just the house as a result

Our neighbors’ recycling box – the ones who were having a party last Saturday


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