Getting ready for the Hobbit

Seeing as how Wellington is hosting the world premiere of The Hobbit, it has been preparing for the event. New Zealand has temporary been renamed into Middle Earth. There was a Hobbit-themed market in Waitangi Park, where I walked barefoot like a true hobbit

This tripod sculpture can be found in a little park by the Embassy Theater – the cinema which will host the premiere of the Hobbit and hosted the premiers for Lord of the Rings trilogy. It celebrates Wellington’s film and television industry.

And this scene is installed right on the Embassy theatre.

Our neighbor Jess let us use her grill, so we bought steaks, made potato salad and grilled! For starter we bought a whole squid. I only ever handled them pre-cooked and frozen so I was startled when I pulled the tentacles out and a bunch of innards mixed with black inked poured out. Tentacles also had tiny little teeth on them! But after some hard work I managed to clean and marinate the squid and the result was outstanding! in fact, cleaning the squid was the only thing I did, as Mike made the salad and grilled everything.

A lot of firsts in this meal for me – my first real steak, my first surf’n’turf, my first grilled squid, my first potato salad! Mike was really happy with the meal too

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