The world premiere of Hobbit

The night before the premiere we watched a news cast of a 500-meter red carpet being unrolled for the premiere and remembered how back in July, when we just got our visas we found  out about the premiere and wondered if we`d get a chance to see it. I wrote to a Facebook friend who lives in Courtenay Place and he reported seeing people camping out at 1 am the previous night. So we figured that getting to the red carpet would involve fighting determined fans with elf ears and capes, but decided to go anyway and at least see the crowds and enjoy the festive atmosphere. So I was pleasantly surprised when the Couchsurfing friends I was discussing this event with texted me to say that they found cool places (they went there at 11) and I should come. Since Mike wasn`t as keen to see the starts, I slapped on sunscreen, grabbed my hat and ran all the way to Courtney Place.

I was greeted by this troll sculpture

It was a rare windless day and the sun was beating down on fans who were determined not to move so as not to lose their places by the red carpet

A Maori face tatoo

I joined Kayla and Betting at around 2 pm and only  had to wait 2 hours until the fun began

The red carpet has to be spotless!

Cooling down with a smoothie

Appearance of first hobbits

Hobbit feet!

A glamorous TV presenter

Mike came later, at around 4 pm and couldn’t get to where I was, so we stood across the red carpet from each other (the arrow is pointing to where he is)

Irish actor James Nesbit

Yao Chen – the only cast member with ears!

The main hobbit Bilbo Baggins – Martin Freeman

The handsome Aidan Turner

Frodo! Elijah Wood

My chin and Elijah Wood

The director of Hobbit (and the Lord of the Rings trilogy) Peter Jackson

Peter Jackson’s daughter Katie

The fans

The Prime Minister of New Zealand John Key

My autographs. There were a lot of other celebrities I didn`t manage to take a photo of  – like James Cameron, and Kate Blanchett and many others, but it was so cool to see the people you`ve seen on TV and cinema screens and to tell them how much you`ve enjoyed their work. This was definitely the highlight of my week!  And this was such a huge occasion for tens of thousands of people, it’s so weird seeing covergae on every single news page, TV channel, newspaper ect.

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