Foggy days

The last few days have been rainy, windy and foggy. On Monday I managed to spend some time sunbathing in our backyard, but on Tuesday we woke up to this:


Mike had to brave the sideways rain and strong wind to go to his classes. I had a new translation project, so I stayed inside and tried to fight the sleepiness such weather conditions invariably bring on. All I wanted to do was eat snacks, while reading a good book snugly wrapped in a blanket. Instead, I worked, still wrapped in a blanket, as out house is freezing. It’s made of wood and has no insulation whatsoever, so it gets chilly whenever it’s windy or after the sun goes down. We have some heaters, but they are on a 1-hour timer so they only heat the rooms for a while. So as a result we spend a considerable amount of time wrapped in blankets and wearing our fleeces.

On Wednesday we went to a weekly Couchsurfing meeting in Hotel Bristol Bar and were completely amazed when we saw the foggy surroundings!

My rainy day outfit


A misty view from our hill




And on Thursday we managed to unexpectedly make 50$ each by participating in market research – we saw an ad that a consultancy firm were looking for international students to interview on the subject of Wellington, so we signed up. We came to a nice office in the centre of the city, where there they had some delicious snacks for us (especially little marinated peppers stuffed with feta!!) and some drinks. Besides us there were 6 other people – all from China. It was quite interesting to hear all their stories and impressions of New Zealand. Afterwards, we had dinner at a Malaysian cafe, where I tried seafood laksa for the first time – a curry and coconut noodle soup

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