Karori Wildlife Sanctuary part 1

Today was one of the loveliest day we have had so far in New Zealand. We went to Karori Wildlife Sanctuary, also known as Zealandia. The weather obliged us by being perfect – sunny, no wind or rain and not too hot.

Free Zealandia shuttle stop by the cable car


The first thing we saw when we arrived was the fence. Historically, New Zealand had no mammals aside from bats, so many birds are flightless. But the predators settlers brought with them threaten the birds’ lives as well as their habitats. Karori sanctuary is home to many native birds, some ov them on the verge of extinction, and as such has to be vigorously protected from predators.

This charts show maximum jumping heights of various animals and measures taken to adapt the fence to make it effective against them



The water reserve created by 2 dams looks eerily green – the color is due to algae which thrives in the perfect conditions unwittingly created for it when the lake was made.


The native New Zealand fern which I mistook for a palm tree when I first saw it. The fern is one of the symbols of New Zealand


Traps for mammals



I like moss


Me running and trying to get into the photo


One of the many perfect picnic spots


Old mining tunnel

Can you spot the lizard?Actually, Tuatara is not a lizard

Bridge across the valley

The upper dam

The upper water reserve looks like a perfect place for ducks to hang out and eat

For a small donation to the reserve , a step or a bench can be named after you

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