Sunny days

Mike has been busy with his university assignments this last few weeks, and I don`t have much to do except for my Skype lessons, which are mostly in the evening due to the time difference (6 hours ahead of Novosibirsk, 9 hours ahead of Moscow) so I decided to explore the neighborhood. There is a park on a hill opposite ours that we`ve been looking at for a while now, so today I finally decided to go there.


This is how we see this park from our hill:

And that’s me in that park!

I actually called Mike and asked him to go outside and see if he could spot a person in a white top in the middle of the field, and he could! The park itself is nothing special, just a field, but it is connected to another park, Central Park. Both parks are on a jill, so you constantly go up and down paths and steps. At first you are walking across this sunny field, and then cross a road and then suddenly… You are in a forest, and you are surrounded by ferns and pines and other trees, it smells like flowers and pine needles, you can hear leaves rustling and birds singing, and if it wasn’t for the sound of cars in the background, you’d think you were in a prehistoric forest. It was the afternoon, so not many people around and I forgot to listen to my audiobook as I looked up at the sun shining through bright green leaves and around at moss-covered tree trunks, down at the stream and inhaled the cool humid air.

After walking around cool green forest it is quite startling to come across this bay view! I plopped down on the grass and had my pb and jam sandwich while marvelling at the view and thinking what I was doing this time last year (answer: working 12 hours a day and freezing. Not that I wasn’t happy – I really love my job and my students and always enjoyed working hard, I have an amazing husband and lived close to my family, so the only fly in the otherwise perfect ointment was the weather)

There was another park nearby, called Prince of Wales park, but when I realized that it wasn’t that nearby, I decided to hide from the sun in the shade of this tree:

I got out the book I need to read before my CELTA course and read that for a while (and also took pictures of myself)

On the way back:

When I came home, Mike had just finished his assignment and wanted to go for a walk. So we headed out, this time for another park, called Polhill Reserve

We followed a winding path up a hill, also through a forest, very beatiful, except it was a popular path for cyclists to take, so we kept having to jump aside to give way and hold on to trees so as not to tumble down the side of the hill

Among food news: we bought a fish called Tarakihi (from Wikipedia:The tarakihi or jackass morwong, Nemadactylus macropterus, is a morwong of the genus Nemadactylus, found off southern Australia, the Atlantic coast of South America, and New Zealand to depths of about 400 m, on all types of bottoms. Its length is between 30 and 60 cm.) I cleaned it and then pan-fried it and it turned out quite nicely

And for dessert we had fresh strawberries (topped with a bit of custard) which I bought at a farmer’s market on Sunday

I think everyone back home hates me now precisely because of pictures like this one.

On this cheerful note I finish today’s post and until next time!


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