About food posts

We like food! And it probably shows, but we think that eating good food is one of life’s great pleasure. Food is also an integral part of any culture, so trying local food is one of the best ways to tune into a country’s way of life. So we post about food. We take pictures of it.  Because that is a party of our New Zealand experience and that’s exciting to us. So anyway.

Wellington is a great place to try not only local food, but also food from all over the world. While looking for an inexpensive place to eat, we kept coming across reviews for a take-away place called Fisherman’s plate. It is both a fish and chips shop and a Vietnamese food place. So, while we were out on hiking-boots buying mission (for me, as Mike got his during out last such mission) we decided to give it a try.

The place looks a bit shabby, but then, a lot of wonderful places with authentic cheap food do. After all, we didn`t come there to admire the decor – we came there to eat. And eat we did. It is also worth mentioning that the place is frequented by Vietnamese themselves, so that’s telling something.

Mike wisely went for the spicy beef soup that was mentioned in almost all reviews – and he wasn`t disappointed. The soup was amazingly flavorful. The thin strips of beef were rae when they were added to the soup, but they cooked quickly in the hot aromatic broth.

I went for a pork and seafood noodle soup and while it wasnt’ bad, it wasnt’ as good as pho bo (the beef soup)

For starters we both had a rice paper roll with prawns

After living in Russia, we are not used to such big portions, so we had to spend the remainder of the day carrying leaking containers of noodle soup.

But aside from having a nice lunch, we did buy a pair of hiking boots for me, so now we are all prepared for our trip to the South Island!

On the way home we passed a Xmas tree bazaar – which to me looks weird (In a nice way) since I`m used to seeing Xmas trees covered in snow, or at least in a colder environment, not surrounded by blooming flowers and green grass – how cool is that?

Taking a break from carrying heavy bags up a hill

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