South Island trip day 4: Mount Cook to Christchurch

On the drive back to Christchurch we took a little detour to see the Tasman glacier. This glacier is one of the largest in the South Alps and the longest in New Zealand, although it has been retreating at the rate of 180 meters a years since the 1990s. There is a glacial lake 9 kilometers long where in 1973 there was no lake at all and it is predicted that in the future the glacier will disappear altogether while the lake will reach its maximum size.


After a short, but rather steep hike to the lookout (and, as usual, greeting and being greeted by every passing fellow hiker) we had a perfect view of the glacier and the lake

IMG_0754 IMG_0770 IMG_0771  IMG_0763 IMG_0765 IMG_0748 IMG_0745

On the climb down we took another detour to have a look at some mountain lakes

IMG_0731 IMG_0791 IMG_0804

The toilet with the best location


As we drove back, we stopped to take pictures of two things that we have been looking at the whole drive there and back: meadows of alpine flowers and sheep pastures. (we also saw lot’s of cows as well, and even alpacas and deer)

IMG_0873 IMG_0867 IMG_0850 IMG_0849 IMG_0840 IMG_0839 IMG_0831 IMG_0842


I didn`t realize anyone but Russians liked beetroot, but here in New Zealand it’s a very popular vegetable. What’s more, they even put it into burgers, as evidenced by this McDonald’s poster:


As we arrived to Christchurch and checked into our hostel, we decided to take a walk around the city. We were a bit surprised that on a Friday night the city looked completely deserted (and this time it wasn’t even Christmas Day). The reason is a sad one – a series of earthquakes in 2011 virtually destroyed the centre of the city, and many people lost their homes and businesses and had to or chose to leave the city. (

There is Red Zone in the centre – the territory where buildings suffered most destruction and have be demolished or are awaiting demolition. The zone is cordoned off (outlined pink on the map)

IMG_0894 IMG_0900

But even outside the red zone there is plenty of destruction – buildings, shut down for repairs, empty plots of land where building used to be, piles of rubble etc.

IMG_0925 IMG_0939 IMG_0921

The whole thing looked post-Apocalyptic and eerie, with very few people around and everything closed. So when we saw this nativity scene in a shop window, it looked really bizarre

IMG_0918 IMG_0917

We were told that one thing to see is a shopping centre made entirely out of shipping containers. All the shops were closed, but that’s because the majority of shops in New Zealand close around 5 pm, with the exceptions of little grocery shops and some supermarkets.

IMG_0906 IMG_0904

Mike insisted I take this picture IMG_0907

Subdued by what we have seen, we went back to our hotel for a quiet dinner with food we bought at the supermarket (in a shopping centre that looked like this) and went to bed


The rest of the photos can be found here:

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