Waitangi Day in Wellington

There were two things we wanted to do in New Zealand: try hangi and see haka. Turns out, Waitangi day is when you can do both.  Every year on 6 February, New Zealand marks the signing of the Treaty of Waitangi in 1840. In that year, representatives of the British Crown and over 500 Māori chiefs signed what is often considered to be New Zealand’s founding document (http://www.nzhistory.net.nz/politics/treaty/waitangi-day)

Most of the activities took part on the waterfront – one of my favorite places in Wellington. Mike was busy working on his university assignments, so it was just me and my camera walking around the waterfront, inhaling different food smells fighting for the attention of people around: hot-dogs, Hungarian pastries, French crepes, mussel fritters, and, of course, hangi, although it definitely wasn’t cooked here, as it requires digging a pit in the ground and heated volcanic rocks.




Some people said that hangi was nothing special, some – that it’ll be the best food I’ll ever try. When I finally tried it (and I saved half for Michael), I thought it was pretty special, even though it didn’t look very exciting. There was a chicken leg, a piece of pork, a sweet potato, a normal potato, a piece of pumpkin and stuffing. Everything was extremely flavourfull and melted in my mouth. IMG_2474

Another cool thing I got to see was Kapa Haka performance. Kapa Haka refers to a performance of traditional Maori songs and dances.

IMG_2460IMG_2504IMG_2548 IMG_2538 IMG_2532 IMG_2508 IMG_2506

Kapa Haka is the performance of traditional Maori song and dance.

KAPA: to stand in a row or rank
HAKA: to dance (the dance of Tanerore; the quivering of the air on a hot day)

My favourite part is Haka – a dance involving feet stomping, chanting, sticking out your tongue and widening your eyes, When you see Haka it’s not difficult to guess what was its purpose- to intimidate the enemy. Nowadays, Haka can be seen before international sports matches and during celebrations like the one today.

In the video you`ll see a haka dance performed by Kura Kaupapa Māori o Ngā Mokopuna Kapa Haka

And here are two more amazing performances:


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