Return trip

So we bought our tickets back to Russia, where we want to stay for the summer before moving to a yet unknown location overseas.We will have had 3 summer in a row (with a bit of spring mixed in)!

It’ll be hard to say goodbye to New Zealand for so many reasons, not least the wonderful people we met here, the beautiful nature right on your doorstep, the vibrant life in the coolest little capital and the amazing wine. I mean, where else will you see people walking around and even jogging barefoot, people you don`t know smiling at you and saying hello as they pass you on a hike (or tramp, as they say here), and where you feel like you are on a roller coaster as you are almost always walking up or down a hill.


But we are also looking forward to spending some time in Novosibirsk with our friends and my family (and Sharon the sausage dog), and also to our next adventure! As much as we loved it here, it would be fascinating to experience life in another country, something different from what we’ve experienced before. Career-wise, we want to enrich our work experience, put in the hard work now so that later we would be able to choose where we want to go and live and work.

We`ll be flying through Hong Kong and we scheduled to stay there for 2 days –  to decompress after a long flight, to see one of the most amazing cities in the world and to give ourselves enough time in case of flight delays.

While looking for hotels in Hong Kong, found this little gem, which apparently invented two new words. I mean, why bother with two different words such as entrance and exit when they are both describing the same door-  why not combine the two and call it EXTRANCE


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One Response to Return trip

  1. Alena says:

    It’s so sad to say goodbye… But no doubts the Kiwi Land will remain in your hearts forever…


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