Leaving Kelburn and moving to Owhiro Bay

The lease on our university-owned house is up, and we are moving today – in 45 minutes, in fact.

Here is where we are moving to (marked with an arrow) – my friend Rebecca from the CELTA course very generously offered to put us up in her house in Owhiro Bay


The view from the house IMG_2721

On the map it is highlighted pink, right by Island Bay

Owhiro Bay

But before we left, we had a few lovely days in the house where we spent amazing 3,5 months.

(Our current house, marked with a star)

IMG_3117On our deck/balcony on a sunny day


On the deck/balcony reading my Kindle, wrapped in a cardigan and a blanket against the evening chillIMG_2906

The view from our bedroom – these must be Hobbit houses!IMG_2663

Mike in our bedroom IMG_2645

The living room


Mike showing off his trusty Leatherman IMG_2950

The bedroomIMG_2958

A friendly hedgehog in our garden IMG_2012

Our emergency supplies IMG_2946 IMG_2945 On Thursday we walked up to the university so that Mike could have some pictures taken of him in the university. I had fun directing him.

IMG_3033 IMG_3005

Tuatara – not a lizard, just a very endangered reptile species IMG_3001 IMG_2993 IMG_2963

On the way back we walked to an area called Kelbrun shops. The walk up, and then down was lovely and we wished we had discovered this particular area sooner. We bought some wine for our Valentine’s day dinner (an otherwise modest affair with some meatballs and rice I had cooked the day before)

IMG_3088IMG_3092IMG_3094 IMG_3093

A cheerful postboxIMG_3115

A typically barefoot Kiwi (*Kiwi is a word for a New Zealander. It is used as a noun and an adjective, i.e. a Kiwi, Kiwi food) IMG_3106

Another typically Kiwi picture: silver fern, which is a symbol of New Zealand, and flip-flops, which here are worn all year round and are called jandals (Japanese sandals) IMG_3079

And the last picture. As I mentioned before, here in New Zealand they are big on recycling, which is great. Glass is placed in special containers and picked up on certain days. Our glass recycling box got stolen, and apparently we aren`t the only one to experience this, because here is what’s written on our neighbors’ recycling box: IMG_3151

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