Life by the ocean – penguins and waves

So I`m walking home (Rebecca’s home, to be precise), from a supermarket, which is an hour away. But the walk is lovely, some of it along the beach, with stunning views, so it’s no hardship. And then I see a strange shape walk across the road from the ocean side  and dart under a car. I came closer to investigate and, to my amazement, saw that it was a little blue penguin (native to New Zealand and Australia).  A passer-by told me she had called the Department of Conservation, and I stayed for a while to keep the little guy company.

IMG_3523 IMG_3533


While Mike has been working on his last MA assignment, I spent some time with Rebecca – our amazingly gracious and generous host. She has been rehearsing for her tour with New Zealand Air Force band, and I attended to rehearsals – one for the daytime school concert, and one for the evening concert. I enjoyed it enormously, much more than if I was at an actual concert, I think.

Rebecca’s flute solo


March of the toys IMG_3285

Barefoot Kiwi musiciansIMG_3247 IMG_3274

Our surroundings are simply stunning. We go to bed with the sound of waves crashing, and wake up with the cries of seagulls and other sea birds. The funny thing is, when we went on  a hike to Red Rocks Reserve in November, which took us past Owhiro Bay, a remember pointing out a row of houses, neatly tucked in on  the side of a hill, and saying how lovely it would be to live in one of them. I`m waiting for Mike to be done, so that we could start exploring properly, but we went on a few short walks around the beach, and I`d been out shopping. The nearest shop is 40 min walk, or a 20 min walk and then a bus ride into the city center.

This is what you see when you walk to the shops:


Mike coming to meet me and help me with shopping bags IMG_3327

The dinner I made – steaks, cous cous with roast vegetables Kiwi-style (potatoes, pumpkin, beetroot, carrots)IMG_3336

Mike working on his assignment in the living roomIMG_3341

The house IMG_3348 IMG_3360 IMG_3395 IMG_3421 IMG_3436

Paua (abalone) shell IMG_3453 IMG_3456

At Rebecca’s friends’ house IMG_3489

An impromptu concert from Rebecca’s musician friends using a pot as a drumIMG_3494


Another lovely thing we did since we moved (actually, an hour after we moved) is a dinner at Kathy’s – another friend from the CELTA course. When Rebecca picked us up and we squashed our stuff into her car, we drove to Kathy’s place, which is just gorgeous! She made an amazing dinner – a dish of venison (my first time, and I felt like Henry VIII eating it because I’m currently re-reading The Other Boleyn Girl and they are forever eating venison there).  We had a great evening of food, wine and conversation and were surprised to see it was half past midnight when we finally got ready to go home

IMG_3173 IMG_3184 IMG_3193 IMG_3201 IMG_3202 IMG_3203 IMG_3206 IMG_3213 IMG_3215

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