Not a typical Wednesday

Yesterday Mike has submitted his last assignment! He is officially done with his MA! All that remains is for him to get his actual degree and transcripts! I`m so proud of him! It’s been hard-working 2 years!

To celebrate, we had some fish and chips (we were going to have a picnic on the beach, but the wind was so strong we knew the chips would end up in our faces)  and then went to the city and met up with his classmates.

Our 20-minute walk from Owhiro Bay to the bus stop at Island Bay via a gorgeous beach


Mike doesn’t like to get his feet wet IMG_3578 IMG_3582 IMG_3593

We had to remember to leave early, as we needed to catch the bus back to Owhiro Bay (or, rather, to Island Bay, and then walk for 20 minutes to Owhiro Bay). It was actually quite enjoyable to walk along the ocean in the dark, holding hands and talking and looking at the stars.

But then, in the middle of the night, I was woken up by helicopters flying over the house and hovering over the bay. Couldn`t see what was going on in the dark, and I woke Mike up and seemed as if they were looking for something/somebody in the bay, as their searchlights were on and they were hovering. Mike went back to sleep, but I couldn`t, just laid there listening to helicopters flying back and forth. As the dawn came, saw they were getting water into monsoon buckets and flying over the ridge, where clouds of smoke were coming from. Turns out there’s a bush fire not far from here and some houses have been evacuated! Now, at 8 am, they are still at it, but the danger for houses has passed, and the houses on this side of the hill were never in danger.

IMG_3647 IMG_3637 IMG_3625 IMG_3619

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