The apartement and me in it

Because I`m working on a translation and Mike is pretty busy with his new job, we haven`t been outside much, aside from trips to the nearby supermarket where I made a memorable appearance a few days ago. I was trying to guess if diced meat was lamb or  beef and since I forgot the word for beef I alternately mooed and baahed at the butcher. He mooed back so I knew I was buying beef.  It is for this reason that most of my photos are of the flat and stuff in it.

And I think it is great that the flat wasn`t ready when we moved in. This way, even little things make us happy and that’s how I found myself shouting ‘Masa! Sandalyeler! (Table! Chairs!). That is because we had none of those things as of Monday when I had to start working on a translation, and Mike was down with a fever so I couldn`t translate in bed and had to spend the whole day sitting on a pile of boxes in the kitchen. All the more reason to be grateful for the dining room table and chairs!

Av4Y8XlzeTkAlso, every day is like Christmas. The university driver Ahmet comes every day to deliver something new. Yesterday it was a gigantic iron, a 2-level kettle, a hairdryer and a blender, and today it’s what I think is a pressure cooker, and a set of salt and pepper shaker 1175441_10151899677939048_336105378_n IMG-20130827-WA0011

I also like that every domestic appliance, device and kitchen crockery seems to be made in Turkey. I am usually not the one to be excited by kitchen equipment or crockery, but man, are these ceramic pots and pans awesome. Yes, I know this makes me sound like my grandma, but I don`t mind, I love them

DSC_0378 DSC_0377

And just now somebody came in and installed blinds in all rooms


They definitely help with the traffic noise, which is unrelenting and distracting. But did I mention the view? We have a view of two mountains, Ali and Erciyes. Here is the view of the latter from our kitchen  window


Also, did I mention that our house is full of porcelain? We have 3, that’s right, 3 tea services. Then there is a giant dinner service with 84 pieces. There is also a smaller one, also porcelain, which I`ve had to use since there are no other plates. It is exquisitely beautiful and I am afraid to eat off it. Also, it’s not microwave safe so I ate soup from a salad bowl I bought for 1 lira in a supermarket.

DSC_0394 DSC_0385 DSC_0389 DSC_0390 DSC_0391 DSC_0392So now I wonder what tomorrow will bring… Hopefully my registration which had been stalled because nobody realised some documents needed to be translated into Turkish. Let Christmas continue!

P.S. I really miss my sausage dog. There are no dogs here in Kayseri. At all. So this little dog that my sister gave me is my only consolation. Mike very sweetly offered to be a dog for me but I don`t think he could fully emulate the whole range of Sharon’s antics, such as eating our earplugs or rubbish. He is really sweet for offering though!


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