Mountain monkeys

Every morning we see a snow-capped peak of mount Erciyes. In fact, it can be seen from almost every point of the city.In the photo it’s to the right of mount Ali.

DSC00794We had briefly visited Erciyes during our orientation and tour of the city when we first got here (which, incidentally, was 2 months ago! Seems like much longer!). At 3,916 metres, Erciyes is the highest mountain in Anatolia, although strictly speaking it’s a volcano. According to Wikipedia, The volcano is heavily eroded, but may have erupted as recently as 253 BC and the first documented successful climb was performed by William John Hamilton in 1837. There are, however, some historic writings and symbols on the rocks at the summit, indicating earlier human presence there. There are two caves near the summit tower, of which at least one must have been expanded by humans. It is supposed that monks in historic times have visited the summit several times.

Today we were invited to come to Erciyes with our friend Jenny and her family. The weather in Kayseri has been pretty good and today it was sunny 22C – t-shirt weather at the end of October is pretty cool! Up on the mountain it was around +8C, but because it was so sunny and so dry, we didn`t even need a jacket.


It’s about 25 km away outside Kayseri, which amounted to a short car ride with our ears popping as we slowly ascended.

DSC00802 DSC00801A training slope for beginners

DSC00803 DSC00804

Once at the foot of the mountain, we swapped the car for a cable car which took us to 2650 meters.

cl6dd-8r0C8DSC00820 DSC00822 DSC00827 DSC00828Once we got up, we played in the snow and just enjoyed the view.

In the very first photo is the peak that we can see from our house!

DSC00901 DSC00900 DSC00899 DSC00886 DSC00872 DSC00862 DSC00837 DSC00849 DSC00838 DSC00845 DSC00850DSC00895 DSC00870

Afterwards, we stopped at Taşmekan, which probably is the best restaurant in Kayseri. We have been here before, at the same time we visited Erciyes, so we knew exactly how amazing the food there was. Our meal included a selection of  appetizers, of which roast garlic was especially delicious, followed by juicy, perfectly cooked lamb cutlets, and was perfectly rounded off with a dessert called künefe –  a cheese pastry soaked in sweet sugar-based syrup. It’s served hot, sprinkled with chestnuts and it’s slightly crunchy and gooey with melted cheese.

DSC00915DSC00921 DSC00918 DSC00916

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  1. janegundogan says:

    Love those mountains.


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