Çiğ köfte party

With our first quarter coming to an end, my students and I realized it’s nearly time to say good bye. Nobody knows what our schedules will look like next quarter and whether I`ll be teaching any of the same students again – although, considering we have 3 more quarters to go, I might well encounter some of them again. However, the prospect of parting ways prompted my students into suggesting a class party. The word party has a more innocent meaning when applied in the context of a prep school in a conservative Turkish city – it simply means staying after classes, eating some cake and assorted snack and drinking soda. Last year, I`ve been to several of these celebrating the end of a quarter, including several impromptu gatherings with food in the middle of the day for no apparent reason.

With my students last year: they brought a cake with my name on it. Literally.

IMG_5240 IMG_5243


Today the students decided to make Çiğ köfte. The name of this dish translates as ‘raw meat balls’, but don’t be alarmed. Nowadays, due to health code regulations, Çiğ köfte is a vegetarian dish made with bulgur wheat, spices, olive oil and tomato paste. The grain is kneaded and made into balls. It is served with lemon wedges, pomegranate sauce, lettuce leaves and wraps. Here’s an interesting article about Çiğ köfte. The students brought all the ingredients, a special tray for kneading cig kofte, and made sure to cut up the lemons and wash the lettuce. Note that it is male students making the dish – due to a lengthy kneading (up to 2 hours if using raw meat!), it is considered to be a man’s job.

20141105_120709 10679558_10152893048674048_4823851024595797666_o 1911738_10152893048949048_492008911869559419_n 12776_10152893049184048_3914010665400541630_n DSC06003 DSC06011

For my contribution, I made brownies – a strategic decision since this is one dessert I don’t like and therefore can be very generous about giving away and can have around without a threat to my waistline. On the downside, it was hard for me to tell it they were any good, but judging by how quickly the containers emptied out, they must have been.


There are many things I love about living in Turkey, and one of them is how much my students love taking photos, especially selfies. So a significant amount of time today was devoted to this favorite pastime – much to my delight!

IMG_20141105_134459 IMG_20141105_124819 10608721_10152893050474048_4153205767655673062_o


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3 Responses to Çiğ köfte party

  1. janegundogan says:

    Every Çiğ köfte I have ever had in a restaurant was slightly spicy but definitely no meat. My sister in law makes hers hotter than the devil’s fart and with raw meat – but damn they are good (even though my first try of her Çiğ köfte nearly made me pass out!


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