Mike and Yulia visit “Life in Russia”

Steve of LifeinRussia kindly asked me to be a guest blooger on his wonderful blog and this is my contribution. Enjoy!

Life in Russia

reflections of an expat

When I asked Yulia to be a guest blogger on “Life in Russia” it was because she’s so passionate about what she writes. Yulia and her husband met in Novosibirsk and have been able to travel to many different places around the globe. I was ecstatic when she agreed to write about her home and her experiences here. Sit back and relax as she shares with you the things she misses about Russia. Don’t be surprised if you smell fresh baked pirozhki or other pleasant aromas coming back from your past. Enjoy.

3 Things I Miss about Russia

An expat blog, by default, is about your new country. I now wish I had blogged about Russia, but I was born there and lived there for most of my life so far, so at the time I felt like it didn’t need blogging about. My husband is from the US, so…

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3 Responses to Mike and Yulia visit “Life in Russia”

  1. C. Kraus says:

    Hi Yulia, I am Wilder’s mom, Carol. I really enjoy your blogs. You are such an interesting writer that it is easy to imagine being there and tasting these unique foods. We will be celebrating Wilder and Eleni’s wedding on the day your homeland celebrates the most. We must incorporate one toast to you since you won’t be making the journey. When you come to the US, you must come stay at our cabin in the North GA mts. and experience a bit of mt. culture! Take care, Carol Kraus


    • mikeandyulia says:

      Hi Carol, I`m glad you are enjoying my blogs! Thank you for your kind words. I`ve always wanted to visit Georgia! And I`ve heard so many nice things about you from Eleni. I`m really looking forward to meeting you next summer!


  2. Andy Duff says:

    thnk you very much, appreciated it.

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