Home cold home

I think I`ve been reading too many book series. The kind that have similar names for all of the books in the series, You know, as in Bared to You, Reflected in You, Entwined in You. Or Divergent, Insurgent, Allegiant. And so it goes in the blog: Home new home and Home Cold Home.

It’s been a year since I went home.

This year I was lucky enough to go home again, during the semester break. We were given one week off, but with 2 weekends it bookending the week it amounted to almost 10 days. Still not nearly enough, grateful as I was for the opportunity to go home. Unlike the last time, when I tried to meet everyone and go everywhere, on this trip all I wanted was to stay home, hug my dogs and spend time with my family.

I know I`ve caused some hurt feelings by not contacting some friends or saying no to meeting others, but this was me at my happiest: hanging out with my parents, and my brother, who at 15 is almost a head taller than me, and of course, the puppies.

IMG_0705IMG_0748 IMG_0528 IMG_0334 IMG_0048IMG_0932 IMG_0816 IMG_1123

I really missed snuggling with Sharon and Monica. I gladly tolerated dog hair everywhere for the pleasure of their little warm bodies next to mine

IMG_0087 IMG_0079 IMG_0102

One thing I particularly enjoyed doing was going through old photos, scanning some, laughing at others and reading old letters that my mum wrote to her own mum when my mum was a new mum with two young children (my sister and I) and my grandparents were working as doctors in the Northern town of Noyabrsk, built around oil exploration sites, and I also re-created two photos.


My brother looks a lot like my mum, especially now that he’s growing out his hair IMG_0421

One of my favorite photos of my sister and IIMG_0429There were a few visits to my grandma, with the obligatory making of forshamk, the herring pate (more on this here).

IMG_0442 IMG_0444 IMG_0455I did meet some friends – our old gang of friends and my school friend Igor, once my partner in crime, now a family man with a lovely wife and a sweet little daughter. This was one of the warmest evening in my life.

IMG_0012IMG_0117When I had our friends over (my parents were very nice and offered to go out so that I could have a party at home), Mike participated via Skype

IMG_1121  I got lucky with the weather – most of the time. For the first few days it was -5C (23F), extremely mild for January, so I was able to enjoy being outside. There was also lots and lots of snow. We almost got stuck when we drove out into the country side to pick up Monica, who stayed in a kennel while my parents were away. I missed Monica too, but it was nice to have Sharon all to myself. There’s some jealousy and rivalry going between the two dogs, so it’s hard to hug just one of them without the other one getting jealous and barking.


10929090_10153088020649048_9123901650831638399_n 10926226_10153088020514048_7693575478198908069_n 10924782_10153088020769048_5328810808361149930_n IMG_0073

A beautiful Russian church on our way

IMG_0513Our snowy neighborhood. Note the cars covered in snow. If you want to drive in Russia in the winter, you better be prepared to dig out your car in the winter – and, if it get’s below -30, to wake up several times throughout the night to start your car to keep the engine warm, or it won’t start at come  the morning.

IMG_1131 IMG_1129 IMG_1140IMG_0544 IMG_1352

My grandma’s Soviet style apartment building IMG_1137 IMG_0441 IMG_0464Prancing around in my mum’s fur coat

IMG_0476 IMG_0493

This guy was digging around the swing, presumable removing the snow so that his child could use it.

IMG_0438 IMG_0437 My parent’s apartment building. Those piles of snow were great fun when I was a child!

IMG_0168And of course my trip wouldn’t be complete without some wonderful food and drink – from sushi to caviar to draft beer to my mum’s potato and meat casserole, it was a week of pure indulgence.

IMG_1275 IMG_04231912181_10153085648164048_8080075004683328981_n

We also got some manti – big dumplings with meat, so different from the Kayseri manti, which are so so tiny. We went to a small Uighur cafe, which is famous all over Novosibirsk despite serving only a few dishes and being pretty small, as many great places are.

IMG_0689 IMG_0715Some random slices of life from the streets of Novosibirsk


Look at all this champagne!!! IMG_0686 IMG_0134

Weirdly enough, Bruce Willis has been a face of a small Russian bank for a few years now. Since I`ve had a crush on him since I was 14, I welcomed this development wholeheartedly and never miss a chance to walk by the bank and wink at Bruce Willis in the window. I never banked with Trust Bank, but when I went there to change some dollars, I saw that all the bank cards have Bruce Willis on them and now I think I`ll get an acocunt there on my next trip home. Shhh. Don’t say it. Everyone has a celebrity crush; at least mine isn’t Justin Bieber or, worse, Robert Pattinson of the Twilight fame. I also may or may not have taken a copy of every brochure and calendar they have in the bank and added it to my previous year’s collection. So there.

IMG_0121 IMG_0125

My mum and I spent a very pleasant day at a spa. In the photo below I`m doing something called a ‘cedar barrel’, a popular spa treatment in Russia. Basically, you sit in this contraption, filled with steam and pleasantly smelling of pine and cedar, usually followed by a scrub and/or a wrap and/or a massage. We’ve had all of the above, and a facial to boot. I left the spa floating on air.

IMG_0109 IMG_0108As always, leaving was so so hard. It’s such a bitter-sweat experience – reuniting with your family only to leave them a week later, missing them even before you leave but also missing your husband and the life you`ve built together in a different country. I felt like I only just started bonding with my younger brother – I felt like our 15-year age difference was often in the way, but as he’s getting older, it matters less and less. He’s growing to be a very funny and cool young man and I really enjoyed my time with him.

And I didn’t get lucky with the weather the whole time. It got colder and colder until it got to -35C (-31F) in the last few days. I admit, it made leaving just a tiny bit easier, yet I still boarded the plane with tears in my eyes ….


Early morning travel is not for the fainthearted.IMG_1294 IMG_1285

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  1. janegundogan says:

    I love your posts Yulia but honestly all that snow … and the cold … well this little Aussie just couldnt handle it I am sure. It does look very beautiful though.

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