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Blogger’s block and a stomach bug

I`ve left it too long to blog. There were so many things I wanted to write about – a very difficult second quarter, equally difficult third quarter, a trip to Istanbul, a trip to Ankara, a trip home, a new … Continue reading

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Take me back to Constantinopole (part 2)

If you did as I suggested and listened to the song about Istanbul, it should be playing in your head right now. I know it is playing on a constant loop in mine.

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Rants and praises

This seems silly now (not the least because the problem was solved), but I was really worked up yesterday about our Internet. People who have been here longer than us keep telling us that things always take forever here, so … Continue reading

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Homecoming to Siberia

We (I) haven’t posted since we came back to Russia – first it was jet-lag, then culture shock and then work. Yes, I am aware that I was born here and lived here most of my life, but I still … Continue reading

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Before we came to New Zealand, I`d never

 seen so many people walking around barefoot. In the streets, shops, even in class. You do read about Kiwis’ love for jandals (flip-flops), but the barefoot thing was a surprise  talked to strangers as much. From fellow hikers, who say … Continue reading

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Leaving Kelburn and moving to Owhiro Bay

The lease on our university-owned house is up, and we are moving today – in 45 minutes, in fact. Here is where we are moving to (marked with an arrow) – my friend Rebecca from the CELTA course very generously … Continue reading

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Return trip

So we bought our tickets back to Russia, where we want to stay for the summer before moving to a yet unknown location overseas.We will have had 3 summer in a row (with a bit of spring mixed in)! It’ll … Continue reading

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About food posts

We like food! And it probably shows, but we think that eating good food is one of life’s great pleasure. Food is also an integral part of any culture, so trying local food is one of the best ways to … Continue reading

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