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Home cold home

I think I`ve been reading too many book series. The kind that have similar names for all of the books in the series, You know, as in Bared to You, Reflected in You, Entwined in You. Or Divergent, Insurgent, Allegiant. … Continue reading

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Siberia in winter, or one week at home

I had never visited home just for a week. Also, I had never had two homes before, that is, homes in two different countries. I`m still calling Novosibirsk, the city in Russia where I was born and lived for 20 … Continue reading

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Rants and praises

This seems silly now (not the least because the problem was solved), but I was really worked up yesterday about our Internet. People who have been here longer than us keep telling us that things always take forever here, so … Continue reading

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From Siberia to Turkey (via Moscow)

Our trip to Turkey started with a trip to Moscow, and our trip to Moscow started with something I had always been afraid of: us missing our flight.

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Homecoming to Siberia

We (I) haven’t posted since we came back to Russia – first it was jet-lag, then culture shock and then work. Yes, I am aware that I was born here and lived here most of my life, but I still … Continue reading

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Return trip

So we bought our tickets back to Russia, where we want to stay for the summer before moving to a yet unknown location overseas.We will have had 3 summer in a row (with a bit of spring mixed in)! It’ll … Continue reading

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